Drawing a line to becoming Creative Director

My early education was based around logic, formula's studying Maths, Advanced Maths and Physics. My future was planned to become an engineer but... something always felt like it was missing.

Then one day, whilst sat in my A-level art exam there was a question to design a fish shop sign and in that moment the light bulb came on. Here I could mix the artistry and creativity with the logic and problem solving, and so began my love affair with visual communications.

My focus was now clear and I proceeded to Art College and then University.

During my career I've worked at small boutique design studio's through to global advertising agencies, continually learning and developing new skills and understanding.

During my time I've brought ideas to life through design for print and advertising campaigns, packaging, and more recently online content and social media campaigns for exciting start-ups through to international blue-chips.

Sometimes with tight budgets I've learnt the importance of great typography and the use of colour can compensate for the lack of a striking image. Also I believe great design is about activating as many of the senses as possible so the choice of paper is important and different print techniques. I've developed ideas that have incorporated printing scents into brochures and printing on more unusual substrates.

In today's market a brand is not only about the visual aspects of the company or product but also an understanding of the intangibles of the company, and the strategy to implement communications that not only inform but engage.

As a Creative Director I enjoy teaching and inspiring a "best practice" philosophy and craftsmanship.

As a Brand Consultant I enjoy working closely with clients to empower them to have a clear focus and understanding of their brand.

Some of the larger brands I've worked with have included the Rank Group, Film Four International, Channel 4, Barclays Bank, Reebok, Sky TV, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbey Home Media and Marks & Spencer.

My passions within graphic design includes typography, layout and grids, paper and the usuage of space.

More recently I've taken on the role of the client, by becoming a business owner of a food company, producing gourmet pork sausages using natural ingredients.

This has given me a client side insight on launching a new business and the marketing, brand building and promotion that is involved within restricted budgets as well as other areas of business for example liasing with manufacturers and retailers. Looking to develop new products over the next few years.