Brand Creation

Brands need to to be true inside before trying to be outside. And so at the center of any business is its leadership—an individual or small group of partners on whose vision the brand is founded. The leader is the heart. The core. This is where your values, your promise, your beliefs and your passion etc starts. So before any "design" can be done these values need to be true to you.

Good communication is needed both internally and externally for a brand to flourish, hence why I believe it's important to have a designer in from as early as possible to make sure of clear communications and you don't create a series of chinese whispers.

Ultimately at some point all these values and ideas need to be summed up in a recognisable corporate identity system.

A great logo isn’t going to make a poor product, service or experience any better, nor can it make you be something you are not, for example, it can't make a small company appear large.

A professionally designed logo may not win you any business but a badly designed logo can lose you a lot of business.

Brand Development

A "Brand" is a process that never really ends. As with all communications its about consistency, that isn't the same as repetition, as a lot of companies do. It's important to keep evolving. This is about story telling and nurturing a personality.

Brands take time and interaction to be understood, to be loved and in an ever crowded world, they often need to do something wonderful to be noticed.

The brand experience though needs to be relevant. This can be achieved by injecting real value into it and not be so brand centric.

I often hear today that you don't own your "brand" your customers do. I believe this is total rubbish. Like I've mentioned your brand ultimately starts from your feelings, your passion, your ideas, your beliefs and so on, the problem comes when you either don't market your brand or do so inconsistently, creating confusion or a lack of information thereby giving the customer an opinion of your brand. But that is all it is, an opinion. Obviously promote and market your brand well and your customers will come to love your brand and see it in the same way you do.

The goal though is to let your customers "feel" they have ownership, something they believe is part of them. The reason why this is important is because people love to talk about their stuff, and if you fit into this category, they will talk about you.

Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy is about the value not the message.

To me, there is a big difference between “Brand” and “branding”.

One is the emotional pull, the other is the logical application of pushing it out.

I see these words banded around a lot but quite often the meaning of them is misunderstood. It is all intertwined but its amazing how many companies go straight to the end products like websites, packaging (the branding) without working out their brand value before they start. We should all know by now your “brand” is not your logo, and I would say it’s also not the physical applications of things like websites, packaging, etc but it’s the things you can’t always see, like personality, integrity, passion – the things that bring the elements like the website, brochures to “life”.

So please before you fill the world with more junk, please spend some time working out what it is that’s going to bring your products to “life” and you know what, you may find people spend more time reading your brochure, think more positively when looking at your website and it might result in less business cards and mailers being filed immediately in the bin!

Brand Position

It isn't about creating a completely new product, but sometimes creating a new market sector.

Strategic Branding

When your prospects recall your brand, make sure it makes them smile. If not…
you would be better not being recognised at all.

After all, happiness is a powerful emotion.

A Brand is Alive

There are 3 'E'asy things to remember to grow your brand: Expectation, Experience, and Evolving.